Holiday Stress Be Gone!

5 Tips for eliminating stress during the holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, they say. But it’s also the most stressful to many! You’re probably feeling the pressure at work, from your family, and your bank account. Not to mention, the lines are insanely long everywhere, you’ve got 5 different Christmas parties to go to and you’re not done baking everyone’s favorite Christmas cookies!

If you’re already feeling the overwhelm that December brings, you are not alone.

The holidays are so magical- but there is also a lot of added stress during the holiday season as well. Here are some tips to help you combat that extra stress this season.

While we can’t bake those cookies for you, we can give you a few mental health tips to get you through these stressful times.

Holiday Mental Health Reminder # 1

This is more of a reminder: You are only one person. As much as you think you are capable of doing #allthethings, you aren’t. Don’t take on more than you can chew.

Don’t make yourself crazy by trying to bake five thousand cookies, volunteer at 3 different events, buy gifts for everyone under the sun, and still do all the things you are supposed to do normally (that laundry pile keeps getting bigger, right?).

Holiday Mental Health Reminder # 2

Say NO to things you do not want to do or don’t have enough time or energy for. Also see the closely related tip #1!

I know, the holidays make us feel jolly and giving- but be realistic when it comes to agreeing to doing things for others. Learn to say NO to others.

Holiday Mental Health Reminder # 3

To avoid stress from finances, don’t spend more than you can afford. It sounds like a given, right? But it always seems there is some added pressure when it comes to giving during the holidays.

If you’re someone who LOVES to give gifts, you rock! But you also don’t have to buy Gene in accounting a $15 gift!

Keep it simple and remember that not all gifts cost money.

Holiday Mental Health Reminder # 4

Don’t feel obligated to spend time with people who stress you out! Holidays can be awesome, but there’s also added pressure to visit with people who cause us stress.

That means staying away from that aunt who is always calling you chubby, or that cousin you can’t stand who constantly brags about himself! You don’t need that in your life!

Holiday Mental Health Reminder # 5

Just breathe (& take some time for self-care)! Take a walk, do some meditation, take that bubble bath, do that workout, sleep in late this weekend, go to Lady Bird Lake and just people-watch or watch that new @disneyplus show. Whatever your version of self-care is, do it!

What will you do this holiday season to calm your stress?

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