Lively Give Back Program

“Every person is defined by the communities she belongs to.” ― Orson Scott Card

Alexas-Fotos. ‘Motivation.’ Copyright-Free.

The coronavirus pandemic has swept across the globe in a silent wave bringing pain, isolation, and loss. If there is one lesson humans as a species can take from this tragedy is that our communities are as important to our well-being as our homes.

The Lively Company appreciates every community’s importance, but strives to act locally when it comes to charitable giving, volunteer hours, and investing in community members who have fewer resources available to them.

The Lively Company cares about people which is evident in our certified-organic products and the coaching services we offer. Our products and services center around helping others find their Aliveness because happy people are more infectious than any terrible virus!

The Lively Give Back Program is our way of helping the Austin & Global community. For every product or service, we sell we will donate to any of these charities:


Safe Alliance

Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Central Texas Food Bank

Caritas of Austin

Austin Pets Live

Austin Partners in Education

Global :

Habitat for Humanity

Black Lives Matter


Meals on Wheels

Brown Girls do Ballet

No Kid Hungry

Sharing Makes Us Stronger

The team at the Lively Company genuinely care about the health and happiness of every community, both locally right here in Austin, Texas and throughout the world.

People come first before profits or scaling a business. Healthy communities are more prosperous, tend to be safer, and help businesses innovate and grow while providing the next generation a future they can look forward to.

Hope & Achievable Goals

As technology refines modern life developing communities should have access to clean water, sanitation, public education, healthcare, and food!

These goals are all achievable by working together and do what we can to help those around us. Hope is the essential element to a happy life – not just our friends or family either. We depend on those who serve us from our morning latte to the hardworking people who stock the grocery shelves. Smith, Ron. ‘Hope'. Copyright-Free.

The Lively Company Commitment

It is clear our ever-changing world needs a glow-up. The Lively Company strives to be the change we want to see in the world. We want to see our company grow and become even more prosperous, but we want to accomplish this while the community experiences the same good fortune.

We believe people come first! The tides are changing for businesses around the globe as consumers wizen up and stop spending their hard-earned money on businesses that exploit workers, produce unsustainable products, or source goods from less than honest providers.

We promise to remain committed to helping our community through charitable giving, volunteering, and conducting our business in ethical and forward-thinking ways.

We urge you to explore volunteering in your local community. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity need help building houses for families who are investing their time and energy into making better lives for themselves. Austin Pets Alive need responsible foster carers for at-risk cats and dogs who need a place to crash while they find their forever homes.

However, you choose to help the community know that your energy and thoughtfulness are truly making the world a better place. We can advise you on how to start volunteering and aid in helping you make strides toward finding your passion, and your own Aliveness!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get those feel-good chemicals (oxytocin) flowing today!

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