When is the best time to book a trip?

Are you thinking about booking a vacation or trip in the near future? One common question about booking a trip is “when is the best time to book a trip?” There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but if you’re trying to get the best deals, you are likely going to want to purchase in advance. For many people, this is no problem, but for spontaneous and procrastinator people, it might be bothersome.

Below are a few commonly asked questions about trip booking.

How far in advance should we purchase airline tickets?

According to the 5th Annual Airfare study by Cheapair.com, the prime booking time for flights is 115 days to 21 days in advance. Although this is the time-frame where you will find the best prices, if you prefer being the first to get tickets or peace of mind, you may want to start looking 10 months from now. That doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity, but planner types are in planning heaven!

If you’re planning a trip during a winter holiday week, you’ll want to start looking in September or October, according to CNN. This is when the prices are going to likely be the lowest.

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What is the best day of the week to purchase airline tickets?

Tuesday is the best day to purchase tickets, according to many researchers. And Friday is the worst (CheapAir). However, most agree that it’s not that significant of a difference to really matter. The real difference in prices is more about how many weeks in advance you are purchasing, not what day of the week you are buying the tickets.

What about booking a trip during the holidays?

If you’re trying to avoid the travel crowds in the air and on the road, you might want to stay away from traveling around the holidays- like during the winter holidays (November and December), Fourth of July, Labor Day weekend, Memorial Day, Easter, and Mardi Gras (USA Today). These are the times when the prices and traffic are the highest.

If you’re trying to book a trip during the winter holidays, if you can avoid traveling on the day before and after the holiday and travel on the actual holiday, that’s your best option, according to CNN. The day before and after having the highest prices and volume.


Being prepared a few months in advance is the best idea if you are trying to get the best deals. If you want to be more spontaneous, it’s possible, but you’ll pay the price. Literally. If you’re traveling like so many others during the holidays, expect delays and price hikes, as that is just the reality of traveling at peak times.

I’d love you help you plan your 2020 travel, no matter where you are dreaming of traveling to! Don’t hesitate to call, email, or reach out to me to talk travel!

Here’s to another great year and many adventures in 2020!

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